Hello out there! Welcome

Hello out there!  Welcome…we are Got Wildlife? A Wildlife Management Service Company based out of New York.  We service 11 counties from Northern New Jersey to Mid-hudson Valley up thru the Upper Hudson Valley.  Our names are Dan and Dean and we are Wildlife Control Operators (“WCO”).  This blog is being created to have some all out fun, provide useful information regarding co-existing amicably with the wildlife in your area, give fellow WCO’s some buisness insight and to open up discussions on controversial topics for our industry.  We will share our real life experiences with the business.  Sometimes it will make you laugh until you cry and sometimes you may just be sadden by a circumstance we encountered.  Either way, we hope you find it fun, enlightening and controversial.

And by all means we welcome and encourage participation, but ask that you keep it clean no matter how emotional the topic may be for you.  Also, if you’ve got an idea or topic that you would like us to explore in this blog please email it to dan@gotwildlifepro.com or dean@gotwildlifepro.com.

Make it a great day…only you can!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

C.S. Lewis