Wildlife control is our only business.

Serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Got Wildlife? is the LEADER in wildlife management servicing commercial and residential properties in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. Wildlife damage could cost you thousands of dollars and cause you, your family, your customers and your clients serious health and liability issues. Got Wildlife? offers professional, permanent, humane solutions for wildlife removal and preservation. Are you having issues? Let us assist you in protecting your home, health and commercial property.


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Got Wildlife? resolves nuisance wildlife conflicts with people and their residences. Also industrial and commercial locations. Whether it is through trapping and relocating,  removal and exclusion or by habitat modification, Got Wildlife? humanely handles any type of unwanted wildlife issue. 

Services Residential and Commercial and Industrial locations

Bird Control Service Offers; Netting, Slope, Shock Track & Nesting Removal for; Pigeon, Geese, Starling and Sparrow to name a few.

Ground Hog Control Service Offers; Humane Trapping & Removal, Deck & Shed Exclusion.

Raccoon, Squirrel, Skunk & Opossum Control Offers; Humane Trapping & Removal, Home Exclusion & Dead Animal Removal

Bat Removal & Exclusion Dead Animal Removal Environmental Clean Up

All exclusion work is guaranteed.

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