Got Wildlife? Removes Bees from the Newburgh Mall, Newburgh NY

April 28, 2010 — Got Wildlife? Recently removed bees from the Newburgh Mall. Bees that are not in their natural habitat may become a nuisance to those around them and can be lethal to those allergic. This creates a huge liability issue to the owner of the property. This was a situation where Got Wildlife? had to respond quickly to ensure that customers of the Newburgh Mall felt comfortable during their shopping experience. The Newburgh Mall is owned and operated by Urban Retail Properties, LLC based out of Chicago, IL. Got Wildlife? was extremely excited to provide services to one of the largest third party retail property managers in the country. “We understand that a commercial property manager desires a seamless experience for his/her tenants. We can interact directly with the tenant as an extension of the property manager, allowing the property manager to focus on his day to day operations. It’s part of our service to ensure that the tenant is satisfied.” Stated Dan Schwarzbeck, Co-Owner/Operator.