Animal Exclusion/Prevention

animal exclusion preventionAnimal Exclusion/Prevention

Got Wildlife?® is New York and New Jersey’s premier full service wildlife management organization.  Our certified team of wildlife management experts are highly trained in animal control techniques, animal removal, animal damage control and prevention services.  Got Wildlife? will conduct an on-site, highly detailed inspection including, the roof,  all vent areas, duck work, fascia board, soffit lines, foundation, interior of the building,  all crawl spaces, and surrounding landscaping.  Got Wildlife? will identify all points of entry for nuisance wildlife, from birds nesting in your exhaust vent to raccoons living in your chiller.  Upon locating the areas of concern we will implement our prevention strategies to ensure a permanent resolution to your wildlife/human conflict.

Got Wildlife?® uses several methods of prevention techniques including;
bird nest

  • Habitat modification – simply limiting access to food, water and shelter for the nuisance wildlife
  • Sealing entry points
  • Establishing barriers to intrusion from the nuisance wildlife.