Animal Damage Repair

animal damage repair
Got Wildlife?® is a full service animal control organization. We will resolve your wildlife/human conflict, repair any wildlife damage, consult with you on habitat modification and provide exclusion services.  From attic restoration to gutter guard installation, Got Wildlife? offers a full range of animal damage control services including:

  • Plumbing stack exclusion
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Gutter guard installation
  • Seal construction gaps
  • Custom vent screening
  • Exhaust vent screening
  • Roof vent guards
  • Gable vent enclosures
  • Louvre vent enclosures
  • Custom soffit vent covers
  • Fan vent enclosures
  • Custom foundation vent screening
  • Seal roof overlaps
  • Chimney crown repair and sealing
  • Chimney cover installation
  • Minor carpentry, soffit and fascia repairs

Got Wildlife?® also provides animal waste clean up and deodorizing.  In addition to nuisance wildlife bringing bedding materials and food stores, animals deposit feces and urine into your commercial property.  These excretions not only create an odor but carry many harmful diseases and viruses that could harm you or your loved ones.  Got Wildlife?® can remove the problem areas and replace any damaged insulation, ceiling, walls or floorboards.