Animal Control

Animal Control

commercial animal control
Got Wildlife?® provides animal control, animal removal, and wildlife proofing services for commercial properties, municipalities and residential homes.  Wildlife damage problems that require professional animal control are rapidly increasing in the United States.  Although most nuisance wildlife is merely passing through, occasionally a critter will look to reside in or around your commercial property. This creates significant health and liability issues for you, your customers or potential clients as well as your employees.  Why? Because the diseases and parasites transmitted by these animals can be dangerous.  Additionally, many animals chew, and when they reside in or visit your commercial property, your electrical wires can become a feast.  Authorities state that 25% to 50% of fires having unknown origins are most likely caused by animals chewing on electrical wires.

Animal Control is our only business.  You Got It?  We Get It!™  Call Got Wildlife?® at 1-877-FUR FIND™ and we will assist in eliminating your animal control problem.

Animal Trapping, Removal and Relocation are the primary practice for animal control.  Got Wildlife?® utilizes a comprehensive 4-step process to get rid of your nuisance wildlife.

business animal control

  1. Thorough On Site Inspection – We provide a thorough inspection throughout all areas of your commercial property including, the attic, crawl space, the roof, interior and exterior and landscaping.
  2. Trapping – Once we have determined the general location and entry point for the nuisance wildlife, we will set our traps.  At Got Wildlife? we pride ourselves in humane wildlife control practices.  Our most common trapping circumstances are raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, woodchuck or ground hog removal and opossum removal.  We use professional and clean traps with a self-triggered mechanism that captures the animal without harming it.
  3. Relocation – Once captured, all animals are safely relocated into the wilderness away from homes, commercial properties and according to the Department of Environmental Conservation guidelines (“DEC”).  The DEC is the regulatory or governing body for our industry.
  4. Decontamination – When animals move in they can create problems many commercial property owners never think of.  Nuisance wildlife can carry ectoparasites.  Once we remove the animal, these parasites, i.e. bat bugs; mites, ticks and fleas are looking for a new host-and that could be you, your customers or potential clients, or your employees.     In addition, raccoons, opossums and even squirrels will create a toilete in the attic, crawl space or even on the roof.  This soiled insulation or area could become so moist that urine might leak into your business or residence.  And raccoon scat (droppings); bird droppings and bat guano (droppings) all carry highly toxic diseases that could hurt you, your employees or customers and potential clients.    Cleaning and decontaminating the area after the animal has been removed is crucial to permanently resolving your human/wildlife conflict.

Dead Animal Removal

Do you smell something?  Wildlife animals can sometimes look to spend their remaining days in the comfort of our home or businesses.  Sometimes we may locate them, but most of the time, we find them by the smell they leave behind for us after they have begun to decompose. Many times these animals die in areas that are very difficult to get to, and even harder to find, such as in our walls, attics, crawl spaces, drop ceilings, heating and cooling units, and basements.  These are all areas where an animal that is sick and dying will feel safest.

At Got Wildlife?® we find the dead animal and remove it. Once removed, we will then decontaminate the entire area, including odor control.