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Hello, my name is Dan Schwarzbeck and I am the founder and one of the proud Owners & Operators of Got Wildlife? LLC. We provide Wildlife Management Services for several counties in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

We sincerely appreciate your inquiry and rest assured that you have contacted the “right” Wildlife company to assist you with your residential or commercial needs. Here at Got Wildlife? we are a family-run business that is “PRO” wildlife and we work towards balancing human conflict with nuisance wildlife encroachment. Human safety and household security is a priority while understanding that all species of wildlife have their rights too.

The only right wildlife should not be allowed to have is to “live in” and within close proximity to your home or business. Their interior and exterior presence and the diseases they carry is a personal liability to you, your family, your home and perhaps your business.

Got Wildlife? Your Commercial and Residential Property Management Specialist.

Their behavior can be erratic causing excessive damage, fire, and bodily harm to humans as well as your pets.

I have been involved with wildlife and studying their environments and behaviors for a very long time. My childhood fascination and training /education with animals has lead to working with animals professionally. Wildlife management is a very serious business carrying high levels of physical liability due to the handling of aggressive and or diseased wildlife. Many of these species carry rabies as well as being venomous.

My ability to crawl, climb and investigate places that the majority won’t dream about doing or going separates me from many other people. The end result is ultimately removing, transporting dangerous wildlife from your residence or commercial property.

I am married, with two beautiful children. At Got Wildlife? we want to treat your residence and business the same way we would treat our homes and families.

“We love what we do!”

Thank you again for allowing Got Wildlife? the pleasure to serve you. We take pride in working with law enforcement, assisting local animal controls and national animal groups. We are property management specialists that assist large and small businesses. We also work closely with Real Estate companies assisting them with selling properties.