Got Wildlife? LLC Launches New Enhanced Website

March 25, 2010 — Got Wildlife? LLC launched their new website this past week. The new enhanced website allows us to provide valuable information to the communities that we service in an efficient and effective manner. As we began to grow our business, we realized that in order to compete in this field, we needed to provide value above and beyond the typical service provider. We wanted the ability to do that, but still allow us the time and freedom to meet personally with existing clients and potential new clients. The internet and the use of a website allow you to provide that service without taking away from the personal approach that we enjoy. On the website you will find information regarding the wildlife that surrounds our service areas. Additionally, we provide some best practices as well as photos and descriptions of the animals. We have a monthly newsletter, Critter Comrades, that you can sign up for through our website as well as locate archived editions of the newsletter. This newsletter has a featured animal of the month that we discuss in detail and provide insight on how we can co-exist amicably together. We also provide information on Nature Programs and Nature Summer Camps in our service areas. On the site you will also find a blog. This blog was created to provide useful information regarding resolving human and wildlife conflict in a humane manner, to give fellow WCO’s some business insight and to open up discussions on controversial topics for our industry. “We worked with an incredible company out of Florida called HB Websites. They assisted us greatly in accomplishing our goals. They were creative, quick to respond and understand SEO. We highly recommend them at “” Stated Dan and Dean of Gotwildlife?.